American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator Game

American Truck Simulator
  • Developer: SCS Software
  • Genre: Vehicle simulation
  • Version: 1.47
User Rating: Rating 4.54

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Release Date
2 February 2016
SCS Software
SCS Software
Vehicle simulation
Windows, macOS, Linux


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Drive Across the USA and Build Your Trucking Empire in American Truck Simulator Game

Victoria Anderson

Experience the open roads like never before with the American Truck Simulator PC game. This unique simulator allows you to drive across the diverse landscapes of the Americas, all from the comfort of your own home.

Step Into the Shoes of a Long-Haul Trucker

Ready to play American Truck Simulator on laptop and immerse yourself in the life of an American trucker exploring iconic locations around the States? Expect diverse terrains, iconic landmarks, and a whole lot of road-trip fun!

Visuals and Gameplay: Old Meets New

Like its predecessors, the American Truck Simulator game delivers impressive graphics. The level design and environments are incredibly detailed, from the sprawling cityscapes to the realistic decors of truck cabins.

A Modern Simulation Experience

  • The game American Truck Simulator for PC blends realism and fun gameplay elements to create a unique simulator experience. Whether it's managing your own transport company or simply enjoying the picturesque drives, there's never a dull moment!
  • If you're a fan of this genre, you'll appreciate the improved AI traffic and revamped physics engine, making the free American Truck Simulator game more interactive and realistic.

Compatible With Windows 10

Ensure a smooth experience with American Truck Simulator for Windows 10. Higher frame rates and improved graphics can be leveraged with Windows 10's gaming-mode features. 

Get on the Road Now

Inquiring how to download American Truck Simulator? The game is available online on popular gaming platforms, casting away the hassles of physical disks. Anyone with a solid internet connection can jump into the world of digital long-haul trucking.

Claim Your Copy Today

Are you living on a tight budget? Fret not! The American Truck Simulator free download version gives you access to plenty of fun-packed hours on the road. Utilize this opportunity to test out the game before purchasing the full version.

Is your heart set on getting this fantastic game? You can easily execute download American Truck Simulator for PC right now and start your trucking journey. With an easy-to-navigate interface, the game is a truck lover's paradise.

Unlimited Truckin' Fun - Online!

Craving for more? Why not American Truck Simulator play online and get connected with communities of fellow virtual truckers? From co-op drives to global events, there's always something exciting happening online!

Unbelievable as it may sound, yes, you can legally play American Truck Simulator download for free! For those doubtful about switching to PC gaming or trying out a new genre, this option allows you to test the waters without any financial commitment.

So why wait? Put on your digital trucker hat now American Truck Simulator download for PC and see the world through the windscreen of a semi!


  • Detailed and immersive truck driving experience
  • A vast open-world map
  • Players can progress and unlock new trucks
  • Active modding community


  • Repetitive and slow-paced gameplay

Play American Truck Simulator Game on Windows PC

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Gear Up for the Road: American Truck Simulator Questions Answered

  • Is there any way to play American Truck Simulator online with friends?

    Yes, there's an opportunity to share your trucking experiences online. While the game does not have a built-in multiplayer mode, a free third-party software called "TruckersMP" allows players to engage with friends and other truck-driving enthusiasts across the globe. It creates an MMO environment where you can run your own freight business, compete with other players, or simply explore and enjoy American landscapes with your friends.

  • I use Windows 10 on my device, can I download American Truck Simulator for Windows 10?

    Absolutely! American Truck Simulator is compatible with Windows 10. You can download the game from our website or from a variety of platforms like Steam or the official SCS Software website. Ensure your device meets the system requirements listed for a seamless download and gameplay.

  • Once I have downloaded the game, how do I install American Truck Simulator game?

    After downloading the game, installing American Truck Simulator is straightforward. If you download it from our website or Steam, the platform will handle the installation automatically. If you downloaded it from another source, you'd need to run the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions, which typically include designating a folder for the game files and confirming necessary agreements.

  • Is it possible to get American Truck Simulator for free?

    While American Truck Simulator is a premium game with a price tag, there are periods when the developer, SCS Software, offers free play days on platforms like Steam. During these periods, you can download and play the full game for free for a limited time. However, please remember to always download from reputable sources to avoid malware and illegal copies.

  • I heard there are free play days; can one play American Truck Simulator for free beyond those days?

    The free play days allow temporary access to the full game for a set period. Once the period expires, you would need to purchase the game to continue playing. As mentioned, American Truck Simulator often goes on sale in digital stores like Steam, so you can keep an eye out for discounts to get the most value for your money.